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Bing Search History

All our activity in this application is saved by default to help us remember all our previous data and actions. We can access our menu and view, clean and remove all the activity. You can see all the required steps now in this article.


View and Clear

Instructions to complete the guide:

  1. Go to url
  2. Click on the hub button with three horizontal lines. On top right of your screen.
  3. Select Search history
  4. Follow the instructions and click on View and Delete Search History (See image below for help)

bing search history

Another alternative you have is to write the following text bing search history and then click on the search button in the engine.

  1. You will see in front of your screen at the top the options in your screen turn off, clear and see directly.
  2. Then, you can select the option preferred clicking with your mouse and follow the instructions in the next screens to do it quickly.

With this simple steps you have completed the tutorial and the guide is finished.

Happy deleting and browsing! Remember you should follow these steps every day to clean your tracks. Our privacy is very important and internet is full of eyes!